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Founded in 1995, Ecology Management has been serving the Wind Industry World Wide.

Owner and CEO, Svend W. Enevoldsen started in the Wind Industry in 1983 as Service Manager at Vestas responsible for building up a world wide service organization from scratch. In 1986 he moved to California to head Wincon and Micon as VP Operations. Then 2 years as VP Operation in the finance company Viking Capítal Services. Back in Denmark in 1989 he was CEO of the Danish owned Viking Windfarms in California. In 1990 he joined Micon and later became VP of Sales and Marketing until he left in November 1995 to found Ecology Management.


Teaching at the Herning Institute of Business and Technology (Section of Aarhus University).  Electronic, Business Development and Production engineer students in special lines related to the Wind Industry.

Develop special training programs at Danish University Wind Energy Training (“DUWET”) for engineers employed in the wind industry. DUWET has an Advisory Board consisting of representatives from RISØ, DTU, AUC, HIH, Vestas, Siemens and LM Glasfiber.

Developed and performed a weeklong training program for Siemens Power (Orlando FL) Sales Personnel in the difference in selling fossil power plants and wind power plants

Developed material for the education and performed training of US personnel in: Wind Turbine Technology, Product Knowledge, Repairs and Maintenance. The training was modular and finalized with a test of each trainee.

Served as commissioner in the Danish Metalworkers Training Board and participated in laying the groundwork for the training program in use at Tønder Technical College for the training of Wind Turbine Technicians.

Trained engineers from INVAP, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina in Wind Resource Assessments.

Trained senior Sales Personnel at Siemens Power, Orlando, Florida in wind power project development and basic wind power theory.

Trained students from around the world at the Summerschool 2007 arranged by Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers assoc.

Trained engineers at Cairo Technical Institute, Egypt in basic wind power machinery design.

Trained Personnel at WinWind factory in Finland.

Trained at China Wind Power Center, Suzhou China in Management of Construction and Maintenance of wind power plants.

Trained meteorologists and electrical Engineers from Tonga, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Fiji, Tuvalu, Kiribati and Solomon in wind resource assessment on a 1 week workshop in Fiji.


Author of the book: Small Wind Turbine Engineering – from idea to certification.

ISBN no. 9781515252016


Performed thousands of wind resource assessments throughout the world, some of these included resource mapping.

WAsP Certificate from RISØ. #19

Developed computer programs for converting meteorological data to be used in resource programs.

Developed computer programs for calculating Wind Diesel Systems.

Developed statistical models for correlation between on site data and long term reference data for the calculation of monthly and annual variance.

Arranged and served as Workshop Coach for Wind Enegineers representing: Risø, Tripod, Energi & Miljø Data, Kentec Denmark, Vestas, Bonus, Elsam Engineering, Cowi.


Editor of Scientific Paper: Wind Power’s influence on consumer price of electricity in Denmark (2006)

Invited speaker at Piper Jaffray Ltd. Europe Conference, London (2008).

Invited speaker at Offshore wind installation and maintenance 2011, WTC Rotterdam

Member of Advisory Committee on Wind Power Plant Approvals in Denmark.

Member of Advisory Committee on Grid Connection in Denmark